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This page is exclusively for: 

New curly clients  & previous clients who haven't had a curly cut with me in 4+ months.

The Curly Girl Resurgence

Resurgence: "To Revive"

Hey Curl-friends. I'm glad you're here. So, while I have you, let's chat about our featured service, the Serve Curly Girl Experience.


For starters, this service is for those who wear their hair curly 90% of the time or for those who would like too (we all have to start somewhere). If you like to wear braids, sew-ins, etc. or you are uncomfortable wearing your curls in an unaltered state, this service is NOT for you. 


Now that we have gotten that out of the way, this service consists of partnership and commitment to the journey of healthy curls and quarterly curly cuts (2-4 months). FOLLOW THE REGIMEN. I repeat for the girls in the back, FOLLOW THE REGIMEN along with recommended products which will be listed below.

Detox your hair.

Prior to your consult, you will need to visit the 'Detox Portal' to make your consult time efficient and to also provide you the tools you need to be successful in the process. Subscribe to the 'detox portal'. This will help prepare you for appointment and set you on the journey.​


Stop all use of heavy oils (coconut, castor, "growth oils", raw butters, and silicone based styling products like eco styler gel, wet line gel, etc.) as those products prevent getting the best results.

Copy of Serve Curly Girl Experience (Business Card) (Instagram Post (Square)).png

What products should I use?


AG Naturals Shampoo (Balance) and Conditioner (Boost) (ULTA BEAUTY) or Innersense Shampoo (Pure Harmony or Color Awakening) and Hydrating Cream Conditioner. I am an Innersense affiliate.







Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic for wash and go's

The Doux Mousse Def for twist outs


What should I expect during this process?

Prior to first appointment:

  • Subscribe to 'Detox Portal'

  • Choose your cut

  • Book your consult

  • We will partner to create a road map for your hair journey.

My First Appointment

  • Arrive with DETANGLED hair. 

  • Clarify

  • Detox Treatment

  • Cleanse

  • Treatment (Oleplex)

  • Hydration

  • Finger Define Style (wash n go)

  • Dryer or diffuser depending on curl type

  • Cut (depending on hair needs and goals)

  • Fluff and Serve

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